One time in 2012, I was on my long holiday from September to December. I got a part-time job in Kakuma refugee camp where I used to work for a half a day. I used to spent the rest of my afternoon hours in the church praying.
One morning, at around 3am I had a vision. I saw heaven opening and a white horse came out with great glory and he stayed on the clouds. The glory of the horse was too much for me that I found myself bowing down as I cried JESUS. I worshiped Him. There were some words that appeared with the horse but I couldn’t understand because they were written in tongues. The Horse stayed there for two minutes according to the watch that I had in the vision.
When I woke up in the morning, The same glory was still present and I could remember the words that appeared with the horse. This disturbed me since I didn’t know the meaning but I made a simple prayer that Lord if you are the one who showed me the vision, please bring it back and let me be able to read the words. A few days later, at around 3am again, I saw heaven opening and the same white horse came out again with great glory… slowly the horse changed and looked like a man and his face was so glorious, the words appeared and this time in English, they read “I am the way the truth and the life, no one comes to the father except through me.” I Cried JESUS! and bowed down to worship then I had a voice telling me that everyone will see him. To my surprise each and every person who saw Him cried JESUS and all bowed to worship.
I bless the Holy one of Israel for this vision. JESUS is the WAY, TRUTH AND THE LIFE, if u had doubt now you have a reason to believe for He himself revealed to me that He Is.

Conquering Evil

We are living in the world where many people rejoice in what is evil and wicked in the eyes of the Lord. Many are planning evil against each other every morning. As for you, a true Christian, if someone does anything wrong, it will of great benefit to you if you will pay back with good. I mean do good to all despite of what they have done. It is God and him alone who should revenge, everything is in his hands I.e the battle is the Lord’s. Conquering evil with good is the best, you will not only find peace here on earth but you will reap eternal life.